Boston Bombings and the Illuminati…

One thing that I love about America is free speech and the ‘apparent’ freedom of thought that we’ve been afforded. The reason that I say ‘apparent’ is that far too many of us don’t really think. We consume whatever is being fed to us by the government, and the media, and we count that as the gospel. Unfortunately, there really are powers at work, that have pre-defined agendas and the means to carry out these agendas. Whether we believe that they exist, or not, is inconsequential. Our disbelief only empowers them and adds momentum to their progress.

What am I talking about? One word… illuminati.

I just watched a video that linked the illuminati with the Boston Marathon bombings. There were a few things that were interesting to me that I’ll share…

The first thing is the music. I am a musician and these things stand out to me. If you’ve seen more than two youtube videos on this subject, you’ll find that the producers of these videos really like this song. But, that’s just one of those things… The soundtrack is probably the most shallow thing about this video.

Secondly, what WAS that guy doing on the roof when the bombs went off? The marathon is a crazy, insane, public event that the BEST place to be is IN the crowd not above it. It’s not like the Macy’s Parade, where the floats are going to be eyelevel if you’re on the roof. In today’s world where everyone has a cellphone with a camera app, it has become increasingly more difficult to be in stealth mode without someone catching a glimpse of you. For this same reason, I don’t believe in Bigfoot. With the advances in modern technology, why are all of the pictures blurry?

My real question is, “Why now?” There is purpose behind EVERYTHING. The funny thing is that all of the terrorist organizations were like, “Who did this? It wasn’t us.” This is odd because whenever an event, like these bombings, happens someone is Johnny on the spot to claim responsibility for it. Not this time… So what’s the purpose, other than fear, and why now? Did you know that there was a bombing at the JFK Library in Dorchester, Massachusetts at the same time as the Marathon bombings? Two days later, an unexplained massive explosion happens at a fertilizer plant in Texas that has killed an unknown amount of people and has “totally decimated” a FOUR BLOCK AREA around the plant. Let’s not forget that little guy, Kim Jong-un, who is flexing his muscles in North Korea. Did you know that Nicolás Maduro was just ‘elected’ as the new president of Venezuela? This guy has already told the United States to mind, their own business regarding how he got into office. There are a lot of things going on!!! Many of these things are more connected than you might belief.

But, the MOST interesting thing about the video is the comments from the people. In reading the comments, you will see a wide range of ideas, beliefs, and philosophies. This exchange of beliefs is kinda cool. I have done research on the illuminati. So, my view is a little different than most but, all that I’ll say is this… Keep your eyes and your mind open. “It’s hard to fill a cup that’s already full.” (Okay, I got that from Avatar. But, you get my meaning.)

Here’s the wrap-up…
The Bible tells us that, “…in the last days perilous times shall come.” 2 Timothy 3:1. So, think it not strange when things like this happen. As called-out believers, we are to humble ourselves, and pray, and seek God’s face, and turn from our wicked ways; then we will hear from heaven, and He will forgive our sin, and will heal our land. (Adapted from 2 Chronicles 7:14) Without us being in position, the enemy goes unchecked AND we can just expect MORE of the same….

I love you ALL!!!
Stay Blessed,



Random thoughts…

Today, I’m torn between multiple subjects for this letter. So, I won’t pick a subject… I’ll just share my heart.


One of the things that has really been on my mind is the Boston Bombings. 3 people have died and over 170 have been injured, many of which are still in critical condition, some with lost limbs but the consistent theme that has been reported has been their gratitude… These folks are grateful to be alive! Things could have been much worse but Thank God, they aren’t.

My problem is that while we are focused on the bombings, there is still a little crazy man in North Korea that can very well be the catalyst for the next World War. The news tries to keep us focused on only one major event at a time. Well, there’s more going on in the world than just these bombings. We have to keep our head on a swivel and not allow the media to swing us in a direction that we don’t want to go. It’s our choice to stay informed…


Another thing that’s been on my mind is the long road of regaining trust. Whether you’re on the side of the trust builder or the trust giver, it’s a long and hard road to travel. Trust that has been broken is a particularly touchy and critical place. In order to be truly successful in any relationship there MUST be trust.

One of the places that trust can be rebuilt is this… BE OPEN. Willingness to be transparent is definitely a start. Both sides must be open but so many times you feel a certain way and not share it. This lack of sharing only creates tension, which in turn only lengthens the trust building process. The other thing is consider the facts. Someone who is caught be being deceptive or continually telling lies cannot be trusted while someone who is repeated  ‘caught’ telling the truth can be trusted. It’s not rocket science. If we are truthful then the process is be easier but, believe the truth…


Finally, this subject continues to be a bug in my bonnet and that is courtesy and respect. You see, I’m from the old school. When you ask a question, it is common courtesy or respect for the person to respond to you with an answer. The most aggravating thing for me is to ask questions and not get answers or even acknowledgement of the question in the first place.

Social media including phone calls, email and texting has afforded us the ability to answer people instantly. But, we are soo busy that even the generic acknowledgement like , “K”, seem to be far from reach. As I’ve said before, this lack of response isn’t about being busy. It’s about the lack of respect that the person has towards you. Trust me, respect goes in multiple directions. I may not be the guy that I need to be but I thank God that I’m not the guy that I used be and you’d better be glad as well. Disrespect will bring out the uncool in people. I’m just saying…

I pray that I haven’t bored you with my ramblings this morning. I truly do love you and want you to succeed in life. People who are well-rounded tend to be more successful than those who aren’t. I pray that God’s blessings be upon each of you…

I love you ALL!!!
Stay Blessed,