Keeping in touch…

This past weekend was pretty good. Many of the things that I wanted to accomplish, actually got done. Family is cool. My business is expanding and doing well. Church is okay. Basically, a good weekend… But, you know, there was one thing that has been bothering me and that is missing a friend.

If you’ve read my letters, one thing that you’ll know is that I’m all about relationships. In order to survive this world that we live in, we need each other and we need positive relationships. One way of nurturing our relationships is by keeping in touch.

Now I recently reconnected with a friend for over 20 years via Facebook. The crazy part is that we ‘Friended’ each other at least 2-3 years ago but never really had any conversations, which is a whole different subject. But anyway, we were messaging each other the other day where I asked about one of our friends and how she was doing. She told me that our friend had passed away in a horrific car accident a little over a year ago. If you could stab someone thru the computer screen then I was a bloody mess… The words leaped out of the screen, literally taking my breath away and I felt the pain in my heart. I just couldn’t believe it. I know she wasn’t lying but I didn’t believe her. I just had to see for myself. So, I Google’d our friend’s name and sure enough, she AND her 11-year old daughter were killed in a car accident in 2011.

The questions that kept coming up were, “Why am I so distraught?”, “Why is this bothering me like it is?”, “You haven’t seen or spoken to her in probably 20 years. What difference does it really make?” The key here is that periodically, she has crossed my mind over the years and I never followed up on those thoughts.

Before Facebook, and all of this social media, whenever we thought about someone then we called them. If we didn’t have their number, we would call our mutual friends and get their number. Or better yet, we could call their momma and find out where they were.

Sidebar: What happened to having someone in your family that always had the same number? That one person who we ALL could reach out to. That one person that even in today’s world of phone number ignorance, we would reach out to because we knew their phone number by heart. I’m just saying, why do we change our phone numbers every 3-6 months? Really, are you that important? Or are you running from people? I don’t know but it’s not cool…

Sorry about that.

In spite of the good weekend that I had, that one line of thoughts has still been ever present. We need to follow-up on those thoughts. Especially, now since it is so easy to reach out. Most of us are using at least one or two different online social platforms. We can see when people are online and they can see us. There really isn’t any excuse for not taking 10-15 seconds and sending a message just to say, “Hi.” You don’t want to look up one day and realize that you missed it, like I did.

Rest in Peace, Malaka and Maliya Jones…

I love you ALL!!!
Stay Blessed,



The Enemy of Best is Good

Tim Duncan said, “Good, better, best. Never let it rest. Until your good is better and your better is best.” If you want to be successful at anything, this phrase should be posted everywhere you go. Put it on the bathroom mirror, put it above the lightswitch to every room in your house, post it on the fridge, put it on your dashboard, just put it everywhere!!! Why? There’s a simple principle that many of us haven’t truly realized and that is… The Enemy of Best is Good.

You see, Good is merely the baseline of life. We’re not talking about going from Bad to Worse but Better to Best. Good is our starting point. When we meet and greet people one of the most common questions is, “How are you, today?” The natural ‘baseline’ response is, “I’m good.” Generally, the listener pushes past this statement because EVERYONE is Good.

The next level of response is, “I’m doing better than yesterday.” Better signifies that things weren’t ‘as good’ as they are now. It says that things are progressing upward. In this instance, the listener’s attention is sparked and they would LIKE to know more. What makes today Better for YOU?

The highest level of response is, “I’m having the best day ever!” This response commands the attention of your listener because not many people have the Best. So, when we have attained the Best of anything then people NEED to know more. They need more because they want to find out how THEY can get this Best.

The problem is that most of us are just happy that things are Good. Nothing really Bad is going on… So, I’m happy and content. I wish I had more money but as long as the bills are paid, I’m Good. Can I help you with something? How about this? Are you ready for it? Take a pause before you read further because I don’t want you messed up…

Not yet….

Wait for it…

You can stop now. I won’t trip…

When things are Good, that’s when you should REALLY start working. Did you know that when it comes to the life scale Good is dead center or the zero. So, when we settle on things being Good that’s what we are Zeros. Good people are everywhere. The people that excel in anything get off of the Zero. Check this out, when we really look at our lives, how many times have things been Good and ONE thing happens and now life is Bad. When something else Bad happens then we slide right into Worse.

But, how far does the pendulum have to swing when things are the Best? It now takes a series of Bad events to even catch our attention, let alone move us to Bad.

One of the keys to success is momentum. When you’re riding a bicycle, it’s much easier to overcome a hill when you’re already moving versus starting from a standstill. When you’re already moving that attacking that hill is fun. It adds variety to the ride. But when you’re standing still that hill is attacking YOU and is now a true obstacle. See, that was a Good example.

Here’s the Best one… When you are strapped down in the seat of the roller coaster, the first thing you see is the hill. Clickety-Clackety, Clickety-Clackety, Clickety-Clackety… Up, up, up we go. We’re climbing ever so steadily but so slow. Did you realize that 90% of the motors on a roller coaster are at the beginning? Just getting you to the top is work. It’s hard, painstaking, Clickety-Clackety work. But, getting to the top is on the start. Once, you get to the top THEN the fun begins.

The anticipation for the ride isn’t over once you’re strapped in. It isn’t over once the ride starts. It’s not even over while you’re climbing that first hill. The anticipation stops and the fun begins once you get to the TOP!!!! Now, that’ll PREACH!!! Once we get THERE, then the ride truly begins!!!

85% of people, I’m not saying US this time… 85% of people, are stuck in Good. You’re stuck strapped to the seat sitting still. The next 14% of people, I’m not in this group either… The next 14% of people are Better but they’re stuck going up the hill. Guess what? I’m a part of the 1%!!!! I’m not only strapped in but I’ve gone up the hill and actually riding the ride!!!! I’m living the Best days of my life and my Best days are turning into my Best-est Days!!! That’s 110%!!!

The cool thing is that you CAN still have your Best days. It’s not too late. It all starts behind your eyes. It’s a about changing your mindset. When you change your thoughts about living a Good life. Then you’ve also changed what you SEE. You are no longer content with the Good life but strive for the Best life. And the Best part about living the Best life is sharing the ride!!!

I love you ALL!!!
Stay Blessed,