The other side of change…

Yesterday, I tried really hard to stay focused on being thankful and, for the most part, I was successful. One of the things that occurred was the realization that we focus on the negative so much, that we totally miss the positives on most things. When it comes to change, we already understand that it is hard. We already know that it is unwanted. We already know that sometimes change can be unbearable. I have a question for you… What about the other side of change?

The other side of change is recognizing that change is GOOD. In most cases, change is needed. And when we look back over our lives, change has given us great experiences.

One definition of change is to make a shift from one to another. THAT is what I want to focus on!!! I want to focus on the “another”. I’m not going to act like the current, or the former, doesn’t/didn’t exist, but I sure can start looking forward to what lies ahead. I remember when I was working at Walmart making five dollars an hour. I was very happy with my job. I went to work with a smile on my face everyday. But, I also remember when I applied for that job making eight dollars an hour. I was so nervous about whether, or not, I’d get the job and if I could handle the ‘pressure’ of fulfilling the job and making ‘that kind of money’. I have to laugh at that now because, that was quite a few years ago. Six years ago when we moved back to Ohio from Florida (a whole different story), I had no problem walking into an organization with a firm twenty plus dollars an hour minimum. The crazy part is that I didn’t mind walking right out the door when I was offered less. But, that’s because of change. I no longer felt the same way about five dollars an hour because I grew!!

How many of us have these stories? Better yet, how many stories like this do we all have? The stories of change happen to us every single day and I dare to say that most of these stories ARE positive. Think about it… getting that new job, catching the bus to work, that new relationship, driving home that new car, the birth of a child, a promotion on your job, getting a ride you’re your car was down, taking that day off of work, getting your car fixed… This list will go on and on. It’s all about our point of view, our perspective.

The secret to living a fulfilled life is all about perspective. We need to remember the Secret, the Law of Attraction. We create our own realities. If you focus on the negative then, that will be what you attract. But, if you focus on the good and positive then you will get just that!!! What it takes is a conscious decision and purposed determination.

So, how do we fix it? The fix is already residing between your ears. We need to focus intently on the good parts of change and remember that when God allows one door to be shut then, another door will open. We just can’t walk around with our heads hung down, sulking, reminiscing on times past and mourning the shutting door. We need keep our eyes on the one that is opening!!! Great times are ahead!!!

Today’s assignment is to Celebrate!!!! Find ways to celebrate ALL of the various areas of Change that are happening in your life, right now!!! Don’t put it off!! Do it TODAY!!!! You already know that I’m a little off but, how about throwing an actual Change Party!!! Invite your friends, family and ‘change partners’ over and CELEBRATE!!! A new season has arrived! It’s time for JUBILEE!!!!

I love you ALL!!!
Stay Blessed,



That extra push…

I was blown out of the water this weekend when two different people thanked me for believing in them. The crazy part was that, in my own eyes, I wasn’t doing anything special. There were things that these folks had done and I simply congratulated them and encouraged them to keep it up. I only did what I was taught as a child to do…

After I received the second thanks, I really pondered about why my actions were so abnormal, or extraordinary, and I came to this conclusion… People want to be praised but don’t praise each other. So, when someone does praise you, that praise catches you off guard.

Personally, I struggle daily with depression, feelings of inadequacy, and feelings of abandonment (just to name a few). As a resourceful person, I have been to a great many psychological websites, read more than my share of papers written on these issues, spoken with professionals and deduced a number of theories regarding these matters. I have also been very diligent in surrounding myself with positive people and people that I consider above me or at the level that I desire to be. You may be asking why and the simple answer is this… When I’m struggling the greatest, I want to know what I’m dealing with and I want to have people close by that their mere presence is a boost for me.

I’ve learned that whenever I have those down times, if I don’t get in the right place, I can spiral uncontrollably and the results aren’t pleasant. I become super withdrawn, lacking any desire except to ball up in the corner on the couch, and I’m not a nice person (understatement, of course). I understand the concept of “when it rains, it pours” also known as the Law of Attraction. I also know that life has a tendency of beating up on you. But, in all of that, we have to take a stand!!!

I’ve decided that I will follow a really easy, Biblical notion… “Do to others as you would have them do to you”, Luke 6:31 NIV. Another rule that I try to follow is one that my mother gave me, “If you can’t say something nice, then don’t say nothing.” People need to feel special. I need to feel special. There are times when I don’t feel special and I wished for someone to tell me that I was… I know how it feels.

We get enough of the negative side of life. As human beings, we have a knack for magnifying the uncool stuff and throwing it in people’s faces. We have perfected that art but who wants to be known as a professional mudslinger? Funny thing about slinging mud is that as long as you’re slinging it, YOUR hands are dirty.

All I’m saying today is to make a concerted effort to do good to someone, anyone… everyone today. We never know how that kind word (seed) will blossom into in YOUR future… We all need that extra push!!!

I love you ALL!!!
Stay Blessed,