The Church

I was scanning the news this morning in pursuit of a subject for today’s letter and the search for the new Pope caught my attention. Not being catholic, my “expert opinion” on this subject is that of an educated novice. I learned more about Catholicism thru watching movies like “The DaVinci Code”, “Stigmata” and “The Exorcist”. Having friends who are Catholic, we’ve had in-depth conversations about conversion, christenings, being an altar boy, and many other things.

One of the things that I’ve always found to be interesting about Catholicism is its history. The “Church” can be traced all the way back to the “Blessed Virgin Mary” and Jesus Christ, over 2000 years of history. Like any institution that has been around longer than 5 minutes, there are extremes both good and bad, both great victories and defeats. But, overall the Church is a great thing.

Currently, there are over 1.2 billion Catholics worldwide and it is the largest Christian organization in the world. So, not having a Pope is truly a BIG DEAL!! The conclave and all that surrounds it will be very interesting to see open up before us. I remember when Pope John Paul II passed away in 2005 and how the Church mourned his passing and the suspense of waiting for the white smoke with new Pope to soon appear.

As a Christian, I pray for not only the Catholic Church but for the whole church (the bride of Christ). You see, we are moving closer to what is called the End Times, or End of Days. Many events and prophesies of the Bible and other Holy scriptures are being fulfilled each and every day and the return of Christ is on the horizon. I pray above all else, that our hearts, minds and spirits are prepared for His coming.

I love you ALL!!!
Stay Blessed,




All too often, we roll thru our life like a freight train. Seeking our own concerns and desires. Our focus is finely tuned on our individual goals. But, in this pursuit, God reminded me that the ministry He has for me is still in full effect.

You see my “Why?” for being a promoter isn’t to get rich, be a successful superstar and help as many of my friends become superstars as well. Nope. All of that is a side effect of my Why which is to “be a catalyst of change helping people to heal not only physically, but spiritually and, mentally.” My approach to my business is ministry.

I signed up a new promoter the other day and decided to celebrate by going to Bob Evans for lunch. While there we met a young lady (let’s call her Bea), who served us. Bea was fantastic. She was full of energy, vibrant and enthusiastic. So, of course, I shared the Challenge with her. She was definitely interested and when I followed up with her the next day she was even more excited. So, I invited her to a party, even tho she told me that she couldn’t afford to buy anything right now. (Sidebar: Don’t discount people because they don’t have the finances, yet. There’s always time!)

So, I invited her to a party and she came. While at the party, she shared with us part of her life story while showing us family photos and stuff. That evening, we decided to go and visit her at her newly acquired 2nd job. When we walked in… She was blown away! We had to eat anyway AND we wanted to show her our support. What happens next is crazy…

The next day, I get a text from Bea that said “Hey there. I have a question.” My response was a simple, “Ok”. She says, “Umm….. Can you pray for me? I fell on the ice today and landed on my back and wrist. I’m in the ER right now. Waiting on x-rays”. I am brought to tears… I just met this lady two days ago. We’ve never spoken about God, the church, or religion. She is currently in the ER and thought to reach out to ME for prayer… Words just cannot express how I feel about that…

As Christians, many of us get wrapped up in what I call, “Building Ministry”. Building Ministry is just what it sounds like, ministering inside the church building. Check this out, God didn’t call us to minister inside of the church building. He called us go into the ‘hedges and highways’. We’ve gotten it so messed up that we miss these golden opportunities. What’s amazing to me is that all I did was show her genuine love and concern for HER situation and life.

Calling all Ministers (which is every believer)…
Let’s get off of our Seat of Wait. Seat of Wait? Yes, Seat of Wait… Waiting for your next time to preach in the pulpit. Waiting for God to send you some world changing prophetic word or sermon. Waiting for your next promotion is church. Waiting for God to move… Guess what? He’s waiting for YOU to move!!! You see, you don’t need to have the title of a deacon, mother, minister, elder, bishop, prophet or apostle to do Kingdom work!!! Do you believe? If so, then Stop Waiting and Get Busy!!! There are people assigned to YOU and all you have to do is share His love with them.

The funny thing is that whenever God places something in your heart to do, He will make sure that it happens by allowing various situations to occur in our lives. Watch this… Since we were introduced to home-based ministry over a decade ago, we’ve always had a heart to continue it. Recently, we were involved with a church that was going to start home-based ministry and for whatever reason it never happened. But, thru our business (in the home), we are able to share HIS message by OUR love. You never have to say “Jesus Christ” or “God said”, throw a Bible at people or even, have a huge prayer meeting. The simple message of Love is a Lifestyle and people are drawn to it…

We help people not by giving them a new diet plan but by showing them a different way to live!! As a businessman, I want you to Join the Challenge. As a Believer, I want you to share in His love… Either way, YOUR LIFE WILL BE CHANGED FOREVER!!!

I love you ALL!!!
Stay Blessed,