Every Thing…

Letter from 2012-11-20

The other day I was reminded of a scripture. Which says, “In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you. (1 Thessalonians 5:18 KJV)”. The words that stand out are ‘every thing’.

During this time of year, we generally thank God for life, health and strength, family, and food. But, what about the other stuff? What about prayers unanswered? Doors closed? Promotion not received? Love lost? Car needing repair? Bills that keep piling up? Being betrayed or hurt? Not winning the lottery? :-)

Don’t forget that every thing that happens in our lives makes us who we are. We may, or may not, like it at the time but its all working for our good.

I thank God for ALL my family, the ones I talk to and those that I don’t. No matter what family will always be there.

I thank God for my friends, whether they consider me a friend or not. A true friend is a jewel and I pray that I am that for you.

I thank God for my income, or lack thereof, which causes me to be a better budgeteer.

I thank God for that elderly, handicapped, and distracted driver who drives in the passing lane. God placed them there to slow me down and avoid hurt, harm and danger.

I thank God for children who don’t listen. They teach me patience that I can use with grown folks who don’t listen.

I thank God for Facebook without it my thoughts would never be shared…

Finally, I thank God for God without Him none of us would be here.

Today, instead of likes, can you just say what you are thankful for?

I love you all!!!
Stay blessed,


I’ll always love you

Letter from 2012-11-18

Today, I have but a very simple message… I’ll always love you
From the first moment that I realized you were there, I loved you

I remember our first embrace,
My heart was beating soo hard that it scared you
Holding you in my arms is the greatest feeling ever
Being held by you even greater

We’ve gone thru so many things together
We’ve shared so much together
We’ve shared the laughs and the cries
The good, the bad and the other

The places that I thought were dead are risen
All because of you
You’ve been by my side whether
I was a hero or a jerk

You taught me that I could love again
That I could be loved again

I am alive because of you

There’s no distance too great or task too small
I will always answer your call
You have been and will always be my best friend